quad mesh yg auto pd SAP2000

SAP2000 versi terbaru mempunyai fasilitas auto meshing jenis linear unstructured quadrilateral mesh. element ini lebih baik dari linear triangular, terutama pada permasalahan lentur.


namun terlihat kurang stabil, seringkali gagal pada jenis object berlubang linkaran lainnya.

example on cellular beams


6 thoughts on “quad mesh yg auto pd SAP2000

  1. Hi, just wondering how you did the mesh for the cellular beam as i can not find any tutorial on how to do this. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    1. hi,

      first you need to create group of nodes in circular region, then connecting each nodes by line. it can be so easy using radial replicate.

      after all above are done, create basic rectangular area with single mesh. then you can meshing with SAP2000 advanced meshing tool under “Divide Area Using General DIvide Tool Based on Selected Point & Lines”

      thx u for coming

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your reply. I realise this is a big ask but would you be able to make very short video tutorial on this or a step by step tutorial with screenshot images on how to create cellular beam mesh on SAP2000. I would be forever thankful for this!


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