tumpuan roll pada analisa FE menggunakan element solid

[ draft ]

simple supported beams with uniform loads. symmetric, only half to be modeling.

2015-09-11 23_19_11-

(concrete beam 200x400mm, width and height respectively, length 4.000/2=2.000mm)

2015-09-11 23_22_32-

model #1 rolled support (trans-y fixed only)


2015-09-11 23_19_44-

deflections are too small

2015-09-11 23_20_00-

very disturbed regions at support (?)

2015-09-11 23_20_09-

up direction tension stress occurs at edge face of beams (?)

2015-09-11 23_21_45-

2015-09-11 23_20_34-

clamped action with couple forces (not as expected)

model #2 face support compression only (springs trans-y only)


2015-09-11 23_32_31-

2015-09-12 04_18_25-

2015-09-11 23_27_16-

smooth stress contours without disturbed regions at support

2015-09-11 23_27_31-

singularities still exist, how about using contact element?

2015-09-11 23_27_41-

2015-09-11 23_28_13-

no couple force occurs (okey, as expected)

model #3 face contact support with steel plate element

solid cylinder (Ln=1875mm),

2015-09-12 04_15_32-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 04_16_03-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 04_12_31-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 04_13_27-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 04_14_24-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 04_49_47-Calculix Graphix

model #4 face contact support with steel plate element

solid rectangular plate(Lt=2.000mm),

2015-09-12 08_28_59-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 08_29_36-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 08_31_06-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 08_31_43-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 08_32_39-Calculix Graphix

2015-09-12 08_33_35-Calculix Graphix

support and loads must be realistic enough to avoid singularities or concentrated high stress in specific areas. even this phenomenon are most nature and fact it’s always exist. plastic analysis need to be conduct if stress contour has shown exhibit beyond of elastic ranges. this required to study plastic stress/strain distribution and deformation.

pemodelan tumpuan roll perlu diwakilkan dengan kontak, disesuaikan keadaan real atau sesungguhnya.


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